Bitcoin Trade Ticker is a smart Microsoft Windows ticker for Bitcoin. Whatever you are doing, the live Bitcoin rate is always visible on your screen!

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v MD5: 9bc26582b73efe537e5679bd3139e7fe
TradeTicker.exe MD5: 4efade0edf8f92fa42b300621123c41d

Small application, Great features

Check out what you can do with this application!

Always in sight

Writing, browsing, coding or in a remote desktop session? The ticker remains always visible!

Exchange information

Get quick insight in the latest Bitcoin trades, price index and order book


Change colors, opacity, sizes and many more settings to suit your personal preference

Historic price charts

View live and historic price index information with ease


The calculator offers a very fast conversion from Bitcoin to Ethereum and major world currencies.

Supported exchanges

Track BTC trading-pairs at Bittrex, Binance and Bitfinex.

Free to Use

Trade Ticker is completely free! No hidden costs or advertising

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